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TSC Alliance was created over many years.  In 1978, Lake Orion’s first soccer club was established as LOBOS Soccer Club (Lake Orion Brandon Oxford Select) with the goal of the club to develop and nurture youth players in their understanding, ability and enthusiasm for the game through training programs that emphasize skill development. It operated under the LOBOS name for 26 years!  Many players found their sport and their skills were developed by local coaches.  Then, many of our players would move onto larger clubs that had more opportunities to play at a higher level.  In an effort to retain higher level players, LOBOS decided to merge with a larger club with hopes of keeping kids in our club while providing players more opportunities.


In 2013, LOBOS Soccer Club announced its affiliation with Alliance Academy out of Grand Rapids. The Lake Orion branch of Alliance Academy was now going to be called Alliance Academy Gold.  The hope for that partnership was to provide the highest level of competition, commitment, and training to soccer players who wanted to play more competitively for a reasonable price. Athletes would have the opportunity for elite Midwest and national tournaments that would provide maximum exposure to individuals and teams. 


After a short partnership, the Lake Orion branch of Alliance Academy decided that the partnership was not accomplishing  the intended results.  So, a new partnership was created with TSC based out of Troy in the spring of 2016.


Our partnership with TSC Soccer Club has provided us with additional top level coaches and has given our players more opportunities for training and more game play.  It has also allowed us to better meet the needs of all our players, especially those who want to play higher level soccer with MSPSP or National League. In addition, we have been able to keep the prices competitive but affordable.